Vision Végétale – Green Roof and living wall in France

Vision Végétale

Plant wall creator

Vision Végétale ensures made-to-measure creations of plant wall or green wall in all of France and Internationally. We provide you with our architectural, design and botany expertise in order to green your spaces. By using the sphagnum of Chile as a natural and ecological substratum, we create all sorts of plant walls: vertical garden, plant roof, plant partition and plant fence.


  • Sign

  • Swimming-pool

  • Apartment

  • Spa

  • Hotel

  • Stairs

  • Store

  • Hall

  • Restaurant

Whether indoors or outdoors, to vegetate a wall or a partition has several advantages. You beautify your building and make it unique. You reduce noise pollution. You optimize control and thermal insulation of your building. You favor the filtration and the purification of air. You participate in the development of biodiversity and create your small eco-system.

Today, Vision Végétale works on the modularity of its plant wall creations. Thus it is possible and easy to add a vegetated extension. You can then organize your plant project while respecting your budget.

Vision Végétale stands out from its competitors by offering each client a personalized study of walls to vegetate. Our expertise in architecture and construction gives you the answers to your technical constraints.